Chandra Shipping and Trading Services
  Vision Mission & Values
  QHSSE Policy
  Corp. Social Responsibility
Quality, Occupational Health, Safety, Security and Environment Protection Policy
The Chandra Shipping and Trading Services a Vessel Agency, Customs Broker and Logistics Service provider For Oil and Gas Industrial activities, is committed to:
  Render Integrated Ocean and Air Support services and Achieve excellence in all our activities, and services to the satisfaction of our customers and Interested parties
  Plan and achieve continual improvement by periodical Performance review of the Operational effectiveness including of the Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment management system
  Ensure compliance obligations to fulfill the applicable legal, other and Customer Specific requirements
  Adopt the best feasible processes for the nature, scale and environmental impacts, to protect the environment, including prevention of pollution, conserve resources, reduce waste
  Engage in consultation and participation of workers, or workers’ representatives
  Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work- related injury and ill health and Eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks
  Consider the adverse impacts adopting security Threat and Risk assessments
  Establish Frame work for setting and reviewing Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment Objectives and targets
  The Documented Policy reviewed periodically is communicated all personnel working under the control in the company and available to interested parties